Sunday, May 1, 2011

This just in - I'm still alive!

Whew, what a week! Monday morning I started to feel sick, and by the next morning, I was miserable! And I remained so until this evening. I am starting now to feel a bit better. But since Monday I haven't left the house (but once to go to the grocery store. A 10 minute round trip which left me sunburnt! Sunburnt in 10 minutes. I should live in a cave!)

Anyway, I am still coughing non-stop, but thank goodness my fever is gone and I can (mostly) breathe! I did get to eat a lot of Ramen Noodles, which, I am ashamed to say I LOVE. :-) Sorry to those who wish I hated all sodium-filled processed foods... not the case ;-) I love them things. I am just smart enough to save them for life-or-death situations! And they sustained me. Tonight, I had my first real meal of some quiche and an arugula salad.

I missed a lot of work. I missed some fun stuff at work, I missed a Game Night with Joel, and I missed seeing Trainer Bob over at the local 5k race.
That was today. Bob tried him damnedest to get to me run, but that wasn't happening ;-) But I did want to go and support everyone and the company. I, however... slept right through it. I didn't wake up until the mid-afternoon! Thank you, Nyquil.

Well, there's your update for...the entire damn week.
Back to our regularly scheduled program... I hope!

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