Thursday, May 29, 2008

Slightly different story, same results

I'm not your run-o-the-mill fat guy. But I used to be. The kind of fat where you're so lazy and out of shape, heading up one flight of stairs to pee gets you winded. I was the classic example of picked last for being fat and the first out at Dodgeball(it was tough not to hit me, even if you were blind). I got a bit older, and stopped eating a whole pizza, taking a nap and waking up in time for dinner. I got a job doing physical labor, and had a few friends who came up with great nicknames like Fatty McFat Fat. It kinda sunk in, maybe I should do something about this being fat stuff. Fast forward a few years, and I'm not in very good shape again, not terribly over weight, but out of shape enough to want to get motivated again. I haven't done quite as many diet fads and trends as Chai, but I've tried my fair share. Many I've tried as a result of trying to help my sister out. The buddy system really does work best for me.

I've always been the inconsistent type, I'd go to the gym and be doing awesome, then just stop. I'd get sick, or find some other excuse, and I'd just stop going. Which is why I'm back where I am now. So the newest plan, is low-carb. Chai does the research, she tells me what to eat, more so what I can't(shouldn't) eat and we help push each other with the exercise part of it. To be honest, I started this one, because I saw how much my sister wanted this to work, and I wanted to help her achieve her goals. She seemed really motivated, and I wanted to help her out. Now? I'm really kinda liking this deal. I'm a huge fan of red meat, I've always liked cheese, and I can eat lots of both. :) The motivation is here, the knowledge is here, now the main goal is to keep it up.

I'd just recently started a "diet" blog on my own, really it's my first foray into this whole blogging thing. It's not something I've had for a long time, like Chai. I'm still getting into the swing of what should be filling up the words on my posts, so pardon if I'm long winded. :)

Which reminds me, it's just about lunch time here... (don't ask how it reminds me, it just does) so I'm going to sign off and go eat some... well non-bread, that's all I know right now.

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