Friday, May 30, 2008

Meal time?! But I'm not ready.

Planning meals ahead is a pain! Especially for someone as forgetful as myself. Prefect example, yesterday, I had some hard boiled eggs to bring in to work for breakfast. Did I remember them? Of course not, and low-carb isn't exactly something you can grab from the vending machine, so I just didn't eat breakfast. :/ Lunches are always better, because Chai is usually in charge of lunch meals. Dinner is hit or miss, it really depends what I have at my apartment. Normally that means not much. Last night, for instance, I was so tired and worn out, I didn't want to cook, so I heated up some left-over lamb tips, and a bowl of bean-less chili. Downed with a nice Powerade Zero. Strawberry flavored, tasted really good, but I'm a little skeptical now. The packaging on the bottle said zero everything, zero calories, zero carbs, all that jazz. So I figured, what the hell, I'll try this stuff. Drank it on my walk home, and finished the rest(it was a big bottle) with dinner. Today, while looking for the stuff on this wonderful internet, I found the nutritional information .pdf, which says it's 3.0 calories per serving, and 0.1g carbohydrates. Both the bottle and .pdf were for 8oz servings. To be perfectly honest, I was pretty tired last night, so it is possible I misread the label. If this is the case, I'll edit this post later. I think I'd still recommend the drink as a great alternative to your friendly neighborhood soda, or gatorade/powerade drink. Three calories, vs. over 70 calories and 19g of carbs. It's not a bad alternative if you can't stomach flavorless water anymore. I still don't like being lied to about something like that. It leaves a bad flavor in my mouth, no matter how good the drink is.

Back to the original idea for this post, meal planning. I'm horrible with it, but it really does help. I've been trying to work on it, at least as a weekly idea. Make a list of groceries, you'll eat during the week. Not a list of foods you think you should eat, or want to eat, but what you actually WILL eat. There's something really defeating in buying bags and bags of lettuce, and apples, and carrots, and all those other good fruits and vegetables, only to throw them away right before your next shopping trip. Fresh produce is too expensive to just throw away every week. So my way of working is figuring out how many meals I'll be eating at home, and get enough food, mostly meats and cheese at this point, and forget the rest. If you decide you want something mid week, stop in and grab that item. It may take more trips to the grocery store, but to me, it's easier and cheaper than getting a bunch of stuff I'm going to throw away in a week.

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