Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another Day...

Wii says I lost 1/2 a lb. I don't count that, though. But, it is so nice to know that it may be moving down soon. Had a nice long convo with my friend Debbie last night, and I told her how comfortable I am with eating the low-carb way. I have had no unreasonable cravings, or any inclination to stray at all yet. I am less likely to binge lately, and I enjoy what I am eating. I love that so many people have done this before me.. I don't have to go very far for recipes, advice, and inspiration. And although I know many people don't agree with low-carb practices, I haven't had one nay-sayer yet.

I have SO many goals and mini-goals and rewards and things to strive for. And I (strangely) really feel like I am going to do it!

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