Saturday, August 2, 2008


I hate when things don't go as planned. I like to plan stuff. I was having one of my bestest friends over for dinner tonight, to meet his new boyfriend. I had the most beautiful BBQ planned. I bought flowers and new napkins and dishes and it was all set up gorgeously! I heard it was going to rain, and that was saddening. Apparently though, rain was the least of our problems! We let all four pups out onto the deck. The rumbling they caused started an eruption of wasps up through the deck. 4 stings on Zevon's butt, 2 stings on Peanut, and 1 sting on Brock (the boyfriend). Oh god, I feel awful! We couldn't eat outside, we couldn't even GO outside, and then it started downpouring, and thundering, which made the pups all bark like mad.
It was not a beautiful Home & Garden meal that I had planned on.

But, in good news, I ate clean. I did have about 7 bites of fruit salad. But I do allow fruit every now and then.

My sunburn is nearly done peeling, so thank goodness for that.

Well, now I have to go clean up the post dinner mess.

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