Monday, August 4, 2008

Long Week

This is gonna be a LONG week without Fatty around. It's only Monday, and I miss him already! I made a gigantic batch of chicken salad, who will eat it with me? :-/
Oh well, he's having fun!

This morning Mr. Scale says I gained back a pound. I'm not concerned.

Did my Week 2 Exhaustion Test for my Push Up Challenge last night. I only did 16, which puts me in the Level 1 for the next two weeks. I am definitely getting better... and I love that feeling!

My sunburn is still peeling like a molting snake. Nasty. I made Joel exfoliate my back last night, and said that I have "less nooks!" (we call fat rolls nooks and crannies)
I don't see it, AT ALL. But it was so nice of him to say! Less nooks is a good thing!

Gonna convince Joel to go to the gym with me tonight. That will be good!

I fully intend on losing 5lbs this week. I am certain that with perfect induction eating, and lots of working out, I can totally do it.

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Long week for us both! Rawk on!