Friday, August 1, 2008

Praise me, peasants!

I am obviously something close to a god.. because wait until you hear what I did.
I went through the drivethu at McDonalds for a diet coke. The line moved VERY slowly. So the guy ahead of me got all pissy and drove off. I get to the window and the woman tries to hand me the other guy's foods. I say, sorry, the car in front of me took off, I just have a diet coke. She apologizes, and then.. offers me that guy's food for free. it was an ice cream sundae and a chocolate shake.

I was all alone. in my car. no one would know.

But I politely declined. :-) Proud of myself!

I am doing my push ups right now, and they are REALLY effin' hard tonight. I just spent the last 8 hours cleaning (with a break for grocery shopping), so I am pooped already! (hence, the need for an ice cold diet coke)

I only have my max out left. oof. I did figure out a good trick though! I am going to work in a couple "real" push ups into my girly push up routine. I found tonight that I can do at least 3! Granted, I can't go as far down as with the girlies, but it's a definite start!! Maybe I'll be onto real ones before this challenge finishes! How cool :)

3 refreshing comments: said...

All hail Chai!!!

ammy said...

Holy Moly!! That is an AMAZING feat!! It was FREE, you were ALONE, she was SHOVING IT AT YOU!!

And yet, you stuck to your guns and politely are AMAZING!!!!


Chai Latté said...

Thank you, thank you *bowing*

If I can do that... I can do anything! :-)