Sunday, August 24, 2008


SO, I Finally got my shipment of Zevia to try. I'm still a little iffy on it. It's not bad by any means, but it certainly has an aftertaste. But, I am sure Diet Coke seemed to too, when I first started drinking that.
It comes in 4 flavors - Cola, Lemon Lime (though, they don't call it lemon lime, but that's what it is), Ginger Root Beer, and Orange.
So far, my fave is the Lemon Lime. But they are all pretty good, Orange has the most severe aftertaste, and the Root Beer is spicy. Overall, not bad, and I am happy to polish off the rest of them.. but I doubt I will re-order. I prefer Hansen's Soda for sure.

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Anonymous said...


I am Ian Eisenberg, one of the founders of Zevia. First of all, thanks for trying Zevia! That is great. I just wanted to point out that Zevia is all natural and does not contain any artificial sweeteners liek aspartame and Splenda. Hansen's diet uses Splenda. I encourage you to research the harmful effects of thee toxins. Zevia's mission is to help people KICK THE DIET SODA HABIT! Many people are so used to sodas sweetened with aspartame and Splenda that is takes a few cans of Zevia to de program their taste buds to accept a natural alternative.

Chill and Enjoy,