Friday, October 24, 2008


Ok, seriously? Boxing is HARD.

I bought boxing gloves and hitting mitts off ebay a few weeks ago, and I'd been DYING to try them out. I got a pair for Fatty (black manly ones) and a pair for me (powder pink girly ones!) We finally got to put them on last night. We took turns hitting the mitts. Omg, it kills you!

For one, I am SUCH a girl, and have zero power in my punches. But man, it's fun to try!
But mostly.. the cardio of it! Your legs are always moving, your arms are fast and furious, it's crazy!

We were huffing and puffin, but still got in some burpees, and some Wii jogging :-)

I am very interested in getting a big punching bag now! pow pow pow!

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