Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Despite my hardcore work outs recently, I am continuing to GAIN weight. I am right back into the 240's now. When I was SO close to the 220's.

And no, it's definitely not just because I am building muscle.

Not sure what to do, since everything I've tried hasn't really worked. But, we'll see.
I'll go induction AGAIN, just to at least feel like I am trying something. I'll keep up with the exercise as much as I can and just ride it out. This CAN'T be a long term gain. It's just not possible. (And I won't let it!, dangit!)

2 refreshing comments:

Ammy said...

I'm sorry to hear your weight is being such a pain in the...well, you know where.
I don't know what your menu consists of, but I have two suggestions.
1. Do you eat a lot of replacement carbs (like the carbquick or SF items)? These can stall or even cause a person to gain!
2. Are you eating ENOUGH? If you don't have enough fat/calories, your body can get mad and you can put ON weight!

I hope you can figure something out! How frustrating!!!

smbdysheine said...

bummer man... i usually stick to induction and make sure to eat enough fat when i'm having troubles, like ammy said. eating enough for my bmi is sometimes a challenge.

regardless of your weight, i'm sure the exercise is making your body happier and healthier, so remember that!

those pounds will part with you, they are just clingy by nature :)