Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Back up 2lbs. Whatevs!

Boxing tonight, I am excited to check the heart rate monitor on that! It gets the sweat flowing like nothing else!

I am going to let Fatty post the 400th post!

2 refreshing comments:

Oct said...

Hang in there ... it's still good to see the scale capable of moving after such a long plateau (you said 5 months, right?) . Body workings are complicated and it could be a great number of things that caused your gain. I think your plan might have my scale moving too. :) Thank you.

Ol' Man said...

Chai Says "It gets the sweat flowing like nothing else!"

You want to pant and sweat.. help your pal Fatty carry a 120 pound box up those 4 flights of stairs. No need for treading the rest of the week! I'll take boxing any day.. (hehehehe) I even caught Fatty huffing a little but he did have the heavier end!