Sunday, April 12, 2009

I am awesome

Tonight, I jogged a mile!!! My goal, achieved! :-) And fairly easily.... I dropped my speed down from 4.5 to 3.5, and I jogged straight through to a mile! My legs are (were) atrociously sore still from my previous workouts... or I swear, I'd be able to keep on jogging! My breathing was FINE. And that's the thing that always stopped me before.

I am SOOOO happy about it! I clapped when I did it! hehe

I can't wait to go for it again on Wednesday!!

Once I get down a mile jogging at 3.5, I am going to go for 2 miles at 3.5. And from there, I'll work on my speed.


3 refreshing comments:

Melissa Vegas said...

I know I said it already, but I am SO PROUD of you! :)

My 3 Month Challenge said...

Yes you are awesome!! hee great attitude girl!! keep it going!! ;)

Chai Latté said...

Thank you!!! :-)