Monday, May 4, 2009

Can't trust that day...

Happy Monday again. Nobody likes a Monday, so why does it keep coming back?!

First day with a slightly different eating plan. It's kind of a South Beach/Body For Life type combo. Lots of small meals consisting of lots of protein and fiber. More dairy, more fruit. I'm not really counting calories and grams of carbs so much. I am more just careful about measuring everything out, and sticking to serving sizes.
Heather looked over my weeks meal plan, made some notes, and approved it :-)

For a sample... here's today's meal plan -

B : Protein Cereal (like cheerios, apple & cinnamon flavor, but it's made from protein powder and sugar free), Small V8 juice, serving cup of low fat cottage cheese.

S : Espresso protein shake, nuts & dried fruit

L : Small filet mignon (left over, yum!), sauteed pea pods grilled zucchini, avocado

S : Beef & Ostrich jerky stick, apple

D : Salmon fillet, spinach w/lemon & spray butter, 1/2 sweet potato

Des: If I want it, I have 100 cal. skinny cow ice cream treats.

Now, that seems like a behemoth amount of food to me! But, Heather assures me that it's not. Thats it perfect, and gives my body everything it needs.
This type of diet, I've learned from experience...takes an insane amount of preparation. Planning, portioning things out, packing snacks and lunches. I admit, it kinda sucks. But I also know that it usually works remarkably well.

In other news... I am sure you all miss Fatty very much! I've been trying to convince him to post more, but so luck! :-)
He's had some bad luck lately and I know that diet & exercise is the last thing on his mind. I respect that... but I miss him here :-(
Having the trainer for myself doesn't help either, cause it really cuts into Fatty/Chai work out times. Which I know we both enjoy.

Anyway, my point is... please everyone, just leave a comment for Fatty. Tell him you love him and he's the best, and whenever he wants to come back and post, you'll all be waiting with a hug! :-)

Alsoooo... it's almost his BIRTHDAY!! (May 10th!)
So, make sure you come back and wish him a happy bday :-)

2 refreshing comments:

Lori said...

I think that looks like a good amount of food to eat, yum!

And Fatty, come back and post!

smbdysheine said...

lots of work, but trainer approved means it's worth it :) and it sounds delish.

l heart fatty! come back when able :) we all miss you!