Monday, August 31, 2009


Weighed myself this morning, after the bingefest of a weekend. . . 254lbs. That's right! That is EIGHT pounds up from just last week. And a grand total of 24 pounds up from my lowest (that I worked so damn hard to get to.)

Don't ever think "oh, its just a day" "just this weekend won't matter!"
Because I am proof that it does! Oh, it does :-)

Today I am back on the BFL way of eating. Today I am taking pics of all my meals too, so I can share with you what the diet is like.

I am going to try and not weigh in for at least a week...I am not sure I can handle seeing over 250 on the scale again! Not.Happy!

I did very little exercise this I am planning on getting in some good cardio tonight so that I won't be completely wrecked by training tomorrow night.
My shoulder is still all forms of messed up, but.. I can't just not do anything. So, back to the grindstone!

4 refreshing comments:

~Oct said...

I'm cheering for you and this wagon ride! Cro and I were sick all weekend and although I'm sure I didn't fall off the wagon and roll down the hill, I certainly didn't count anything and pampered my sick self with LC ice cream all day Sunday. I can only get back to strictness and move on. Here's hoping that good things are in store for both of us by end of the week.

Melissa Vegas said...

Nothing to say but HUGS your way ;) And lots of encouragement.

Chai Latté said...

Thank you guys! There is something to be said for the scare tactic.... that weight gain really kicked my booty in gear. I am full of motivation today! lol.

laura said...

step away from the scale woman!

i'm excited to cheer you on, and see all your yummy bfl foods!