Monday, August 17, 2009

Hot hot hot

I had an enjoyable, yet unproductive weekend. It was HOT. And unfortunately, hot means that I don't want to do anything that provokes the sweat. I had been meaning to do A LOT of cleaning and chores around the house to prepare for the very last minute unexpected arrival of a house guest. Joel's uncle (and his boyfriend) is supposed coming to stay with us for a week, starting this week. We don't know when, we don't know anything, other than that he's coming. Some people royally suck at communication!

Anywho. I am guessing I will be up very late, and very sweaty tonight trying to get done all that I should have gotten done this weekend.

In lieu of cleaning, I did do some excellent stuff... like on Friday, Fatty and I took the pups to the lake and went swimming. Fun was had by all. Saturday, I hung out with my Mom, we went for a little car drive, discovered an adorable country store where we bought delicious things. Took her out for dinner at a fancy restaurant, and earlier in the day, I had lunch with Becky, who I hadn't seen in WAY (waaaaay) too long. (Oh, and of course before hanging with Becky I trained with Bob)
So that was extra nice!

Sunday was another lazy day. I did a little cleaning, had lunch with Joel, played some videogames.. etc. etc. L-A-Z-Y.

I am up a few more pounds. Which is just lovely. I have been increasing my portions for no good reason, so today I've decided to really make an effort to scale those down again a bit. Going to try to start really using my Sensa now. I used it for about a week, but when I saw/felt no effects, I kind of forgot about it.
I think it deserves a real try. This time, I am going for the placebo effect at least. I am going to somehow convince myself that it will work! So, it WILL work!

3 refreshing comments:

MackAttack said...

I totally get the unproductive feeling! I haven't left he apt. all day. And I'm loving it. We almost had suprise guests saturday night. It really annoys me when people aren't good communicators...

Melissa Vegas said...

OMG it was SO HOT this weekend! and yesterday, and today!!! I don't like it one bit! I suppose its a precursor to FL tomorrow night, but seriously, I can't handle all this heat and humidity! It's GROSS.

laura said...

hot + sunday = laziness squared. i totally feel you.

get your sensa on!