Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mm fruit

So, I just got home from the little seminar at my gym with the nutritionist dude. It was mostly a waste of time.
You see, the thing about being fat your whole life is that... you know more about diets and nutrition than any health expert.
I've done research for years and years. This guy was saying stuff like "you probably don't know what lentils are" and "who here knows what enriched means"

And as much as it felt like an insult to my intelligence, to my surprise, I was only one of very few that knew these ridiculous things. It seems like, 90% of this guy's business is accountability. Which is FABULOUS for those who need it. I don't. I answer to enough people already. And most of them don't charge me $100 a session.

He does, as I mentioned before, offer a myriad of blood/urine tests for deficiencies, imbalances, etc. Which I was very interested in. After talking to Adam, I think my course of action is to take the pamphlet he gave me, bring it (along with my symptoms, questions, etc) directly to my regular doctor and ask what my course of action should be.
Because, although insurance may not cover these tests... my regular dr office can put a cap on what to charge. Whereas this a la cart testing... will most likely just take advantage.

Aaaanyway. It was a nice night, but not particularly fruitful.

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Anonymous said...

I hear ya on this, I really do. I have a friend who always wants to "sit down and chat about nutrition" as though just because I am fat, I am also stupid. Well, I know she means well.

I think you are correct in just going to the doctor and getting the tests you want done there. I have had a physical every year now for 3 years and it has eased my mind on eating low carb (my blood tests are always better when I am low carbing). The doctor has sent me to a nutritionist once and of course they put me on a low fat diet (I gained weight) so I just stopped going there and did my own thing and have been more successful on my own. Still the blood tests are helpful and my dr. is nice so I keep going there...

Chai Latté said...

Thanks Nancy! It was like he was talking to a little kid who refused to eat their veggies. "you CAN make spinach taste good, I swear!"

Ok, I love spinach already. I'm good.

Too funny, too... I just checked my mailbox this morning, and had a letter from my Dr's office that said "hey, it's time for your physical!"
Gooood. timing.

Melissa Vegas said...

yeah, i'm sure it must have been a bit boring/annoying to sit through a lecture on stuff you're already well aware of.

the good thing is that you ARE aware of them.

and i agree with asking your doctor, definitely.

MackAttack said...

I totally agree with you! People try to teach me stuff, and I'm like um duh?

Ol' Man said...

I used to be enriched once but I lost my job....

Go see what the doctor has to say about your issues. They have better training, access to quality labs and documentation. Why? Because I said so!! Oh yeah, cause Adam said so too!! Smhat boy that Adam.. he must be enriched too!