Wednesday, August 19, 2009

You spin me right round baby right round

Went for my first "spin" on a spin bike on Saturday at training. Whew, those things are ROUGH! Right!? Have you tried it?!

He put me on again last night, and made me stand up a few times. The resistance is unbelievable, the seat is a tookus-killer, and the handles make my hands fall asleep... but I kinda liked it!

Perhaps in my future awesome home gym will I buy a nice spin bike!

Bob the Trainer would love me to take up bike riding, but I just can't get into it. I've always been fearful of being on bikes even when I was little. It is just not something I feel like I will ever enjoy. But the spin bike was cool. Not FUN, mind you, but something different!

Bob also offered me the gym anytime I please to do some extra cardio. He said that he's never offered that to anyone, but he sees how hard I work and will do whatever he can to make it easier on me. That was very sweet, I thought. And I will certainly him up on it when I need to.

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laura said...

that's sweet... free gym time!

aw, man i'm too chicken to try a spin class and they just put all the spinning bikes in this room with huge windows facing the entrance of the y... i was hoping i could sneak in when nobody was there to test it out. the tush pain frightens me, but everyone seems to love it!