Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9-9-9 part deux - now with more flying chicken

My niners, as requested by Chai "The fat Killer"

9 Things you are proud of achieving.
9 Things you plan on achieving in the future.
9 Things you are grateful for.

Here's mine :
Things I'm proud of achieving
1.) The amount of knowledge I've acquired about exercises and foods. (still have a TON to learn though)
2.) being able to jog on the treadmill at 5.5-6mph for miles at a time without dieing.
3.) managing a few pullups
4.) needing a belt for my pants
5.) Many of the fitness goals I'd set for myself.
6.) a renewed vigor every time I let myself fall off the wagon, instead of just letting it get even farther away.
7.) Being able to actually see some form of muscle definition
8.) knowing that I can do stuff when I try, and I can push through "the wall" and keep going.
9.) a constant presence on this here blog. I may not always have much to say and post, but I'm always here and reading. :)

Things I plan on achieving in the future.
1.) becoming a push up master! My chest is so weak it's embarrassing.
2.) Getting into the Muay Thai gym and sticking with it!
3.) Getting back under 200 pounds, and get some strength back.
4.) Catching up to Chai with squats and showing her I can do it too!
5.) finding a balance between dieting hardcore, 100% and obsessing over it, and not dieting at all, so I can maintain a happy medium and keep the weight off once I get back down.
6.) build up my home gym collection and continue to use it.
7.) getting a good sense of portions, and eating only the proper amount. Especially when eating out.
8.) add back some muscle mass, so I can show you all which way it is to the beach.
9.) rule the world!!!!! Or at least learn to accept a compliment/good job from people without automatically assuming they're just trying to be polite. also, try not to yell at people when they say I'm skinny(even though I'm not).

Things I'm grateful for
1.) CHAI! if it wasn't for her, I'd probably be up to 300+lbs again.
2.) my health, I may be out of shape, but I still have all my limbs, and they all work.
3.) microwaves, which makes making meals so much easier.
4.) Beef. for tasting so good and not being as bad for me as pizza.
5.) pre-packaged meals. ie. slim fast, power bars, etc)
6.) self control when people are watching(and better than it ever was when they're not)
7.) support from complete strangers/bloggers, who have similar goals.
8.) for having friends and family who are on diets too. It makes it so much easier to do stuff when you're not the only one.
9.) my laziness, to some extent. I could have a box of cake mix in my house(and I do) but I'm way too lazy to make it. So the box just sits there. Instead, I'll grab something pre-made or I jsut won't eat. Usually I'm not even hungry when I'm looking around for food anyway.

Man, that literally took me almost ALL day to come up with. I'm also thankful for caffeine, otherwise I'd never be awake long enough to exercise. lol even though it's not the best thing to have before you work out... :) As usual, thanks for reading, and definitely let us know what your 9-9-9 are:)

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Chai Latté said...

Good job! I knew you could do it! ;-)

Good ones, too. I have full confidence that we'll both succeed at everything on our future achievement list! :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice job "B"
here's mine

"proud of"
1.Making the commitment to get the chunk off!!
2.My man for working so hard and being a great "nurse"
3.My brain... when it's working ;-/
4.Problem solving skills... I AM the Queen of make do!
5.My "mom" skills I have the worlds best offspring.
6.Tennacity(sp?) I take as lickin' and keep on tickin'
7.My sister
8.Artistic abilities
9.Wearin' a freakin' size 8 jeans!!

Anonymous said...

"plan on"
1.losing the rest of the chunk-itude
2.Building up some muscles
3.Building up some stamina
4.Getting the rest of my scaffolding shored up :-/
5.Clean my house
6.Get myself in good enough shape so I can get my ass back to work!!!
7.Make lots of jewelery
8.Paint the kitchen
9.Balance the damn budget

Anonymous said...

"grateful for"
2.Chai and Fatty(and their sister)
3.Gastric bypass
4.Good surgeons.. especially the one who fixed my spine so I can walk again :-)
5.Having my mom nearby
6.My fabulous sister
7.The fact that my kids are now my friends
9.My pups
Had to do it in sections... but there you

laura said...

hahaha, beef (it's what's for dinner... no really, i had it for dinner yummm).

props on the jogging! i'm almost up to that tempo, very soon i can race you!

Chai Latté said...

Well done, Mom! :-)

Fatty McFat-Fat said...

Yay mom!! thanks for playing along. :)

Laura. You've probably got me in distance/endurance. like my last few posts have said.. I've been lazy lately. I did a minute on 6.0mph tonight, and could still talk while doing it.. but I don't know how long IO can keep it up for. lol but hell yeah, I'm down for a race. :)