Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Introduction - Coop-a-Loops

You've all been introduced to Corgi, Zevon, and even General Jelly Jamz the fish. But I think its time you met the one and only Coop*.

Sir Cooper Clumpypants Fisher-Hermance is my child from a previous marriage**. lol. He was an Easter gift to Adam when we first moved in together. Oh, he was so tiny and sweet. He turned into an evil screaming blood-drawing bastard. We assume he has anger issues over his father being gay and leaving his mom for a man in Las Vegas. At least, that's my story, but to be fair... some beasts are just beasts.

Since my beloved Joel is highly allergic to kitties, my darling Coop lives very happily with my parents now, but I give him plenty of sweeeeet sweet love when I visit.

He's fattened up and mellowed out and he's still a bitch but I love him very very much. :-) Here he is!!

(did I mention he has an alcohol problem?)

* What does this have to do with diet and exercise? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AND I DON'T CARE LOOK AT HOW CUTE HE IS!

** For any new readers.. I have never actually been married before, especially not to Adam. Adam is my bestie since junior high. We were roomies, and he met a cute boy and moved to Vegas for a couple years, but he's back now!

2 refreshing comments:

Melissa Vegas said...

OMG the pictures in the chair!!! FAT BELLLLLLLAAAAY.

Anonymous said...

Coop's new bed is on my computer table in front of the window. He's there right now, he loves it!