Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Who farted?

When I got home tonight, I let the pups out and it sounded like the ocean out there! I walked down to the end of my yard, and peeked over the edge (it goes down a steep ledge), the stream was flowing, like, white water rafting flowing! Crazy. Anyway, while I was walking back I took a picture of Fatty & my hard work - the garden!

(I know it looks sloppy, but trust me... it looked like the Amazon forest before!)

Here's Corg and Z snufflin' around. I like to think they are hunting for truffles.

Came inside, did my treadmillin' (thank you SOO much for my comments on that.. I am so encouraged!) Then, got a message from Joel saying he'd be home late. Bummmmmerz.

So I took the opportunity to make some egg salad, since Joel thinks it smells like fartbubbles, might as well do it while he's not home. (the eggs, I mean... not the fartbubbles)

(Thats got - 2 eggs, FF mayo, mustard, white onion, hot pepper flakes, parsley, black pepper)
It was yummy.

After my dinner, I put on Joel's dinner (spaghetti & meatyballs) and I prepped my meals for tomorrow. One of which included this unbelievable homemade jam I got at the fruit market a few weeks ago.

I spread a tiny bit on a sandwich thin, like so -

Then, I watched ANTM like any good, hot-blooded girl. Did some other chores, took a shower, and here I am in bed, writing to you! :-)

Hope you all had a nice day too! I will leave you with this fabulous comment I just got -

"Just stay focused on living a healthier life because it will pay off." - LyricGirl

It'll come.

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MackAttack said...

Wow you live in a grown-up house! with a yard! So jealous! The egg salad looks awesome. I SOOO want to make some--with truffle sauce. What's your recipe?

Natasha said...

I definitely think that we should be friends! I've only read a few of your posts as of yet, but I've loved what I've read so far. I enjoy your sense of humor and look forward to reading some more in the new future.

Chai Latté said...

Mack - haha yes! I am very proud of my grown up house! :-) And the pups love the yard... so much pooping ground. Man, I would love anything with truffle sauce! YUMS.
I don't really have a recipe for anything... so, just take those ingredients I listed.. and mash 'em all together! :-)

Natasha - Hooray for new blogger buddies! :-) *high five*

Low said...

What a cute house! I love the stairs and the yard. I want to live there!

Tyra got a little crazy with the Smizing last night, haha.

Guava jelly sounds delish!

Chai Latté said...

OMG the smizing. WTF!
I am ALL about making up my own words.. but she kept switching between "smizing" and "schmizing"
Like, what is Schmizing?! sounds yiddish.

Anonymous said...

That is some amazing looking egg salad. And, is it just me, or are this season's ANTM contestents only hot from the shoulders up? For some reason knowing they're short makes me think they've all got weird legs.

Chai Latté said...

Mommy2Joe.. I hear ya!
The girl that got kicked off after meeting at Wilhemina had KILLER legs. But she was the only one!

Definitely a "prettier" bunch than usual though. But those two girls with the neon blonde eyebrows kinda give me the willies!

Melissa Vegas said...

Where do the sandwich thins come from? Can I find them at Hannaford?

and oh, the garden is SO PRETTY! I think you did a fantabulous job!

Chai Latté said...

Thanks Melissa! :-) I never got around to doing the front or side gardens... *sigh* maybe next spring! :-)

And, the sandwich thins I get at Shaw's (of course), and since I don't shop anywhere else.. I couldn't tell you where to find them.. but I know they are popular, and they are a common brand (Arnold's) so, I am betting you'll find them pretty easy.. they have wheat, whole grain, rye, and white!

BuilderAdam said...


Wow...that was a complete jungle out there. I bet the yellow jackets are soooo angry at you. They miss their hunting grounds. That had to be a tough about muscles! OOF!