Monday, September 21, 2009


I couldn't ramble much in my update from this morning, as I was getting ready for work. So here's a little bit more nonsense...

I am reminded of how many lunges & squats I did with Kate on Saturday...because my buttcheeks are SO sore!

Sore buttcheeks! That's rough.

I am, however, very pleased at the lack of soreness I've been getting from the running. I used to get very sore legs & abs after jogging sessions, and now I don't!
Must be getting stronger.

So, I had my Free Day yesterday, that was nice! We went to a Spanish restaurant for lunch, where I had Tostones con Picadillo (sliced plantains with this chili-like meat concoction) it was quite delicious.
I think it was a very wise decision for me to change my rest day so that it wasn't on my free day. Knowing I have to run later stops me from really pigging out or making horrible choices. So it keeps me balanced, and that is SO important for me.

Today is my rest day, and I am quite happy about that :-) Bead night tonight!
For those of you interested.. we just moved our jewelry website HERE!

Awe, Fatty just texted me...he's sick today :-(
Yucka :-(

Well, I have to go do some work now. I hope you all have a great day!

5 refreshing comments:

Melissa Vegas said...

Yay for Bead Night!

And your lunch sounded delicious! :)

laura said...

i love your jewelry, and sore buttcheeks are a job well done!

feel better fatty! i'm getting a cold, boooo hissss :(

Low said...

Glad you're not getting sore from jogging anymore. That's great! I love Spanish food, yum!

Hope he feels better, I'm not feeling great today either. Seems like there's lots of crap going around.

janetha said...

my mom used to have this traveling bead party thing she did, it is so fun to make jewelry! hooray for free day! do you always do your free eats/rest from exercise days separate? i used to always do that. now i just do sometimes. xo!

Chai Latté said...

Janetha! Good to see you over here :-)

This week is the first week I did my free day and rest day separately, but I think its absolutely genius.
It keeps me from eating REALLY bad.. knowing that I have to work out :)

Plus, it feels like TWO special things to look forward to!