Tuesday, September 15, 2009

feeling low, and not in weight

I finally weighed in last night, and my suspicions were confirmed. I snagged a whopping one pound loss. Better than zero or a gain, but not quite what should be happening. C'mon motivation, you can kick in at any time now. I'm really good with pushing myself and kicking my ass, once I start. Starting up the exercise for the day is the killer. Especially on days that I don't even get home until 8pm or so. I hate exercising shortly before I try to sleep. If I start working out that late, I'll never get to sleep. Blah... no excuses really, I'm just lazy. C'mon Chai, I need a plan, so I stop failing. :(

3 refreshing comments:

Chai Latté said...

I'll give you as many plans as you want. But you have to actually FOLLOW them! If you're gonna do it, then just tell me what you need!

And also.. HOORAY for a pound loss!! That's awesome, so don't be too down! :-)

laura said...

yay one pound! to be down anything is a win.

get moving you lazy bum!!

i dare you to exercise at least 3 times the rest of this week. double dog. :)

exercising late does suck. i ran last night and was up waaaay past my bedtime.

Ol' Man said...

Try doing your some or all of workout before work. I would tread a mile in the AM and another 1 or 2after work then at least if I missed the evening one I still got a little exercise in. Plus it breaks up the routine so it doesn't get so boring.. for me at least...Now, like you, I need to get motivated to tread again...
maybe tomorrow! :-)