Friday, September 11, 2009


I need scale rehab, I swear!! I am going crazy without Mr.Scale in my life!
I even tried to weigh myself at the gym scale, but it reads so differently than my home scale, that it didn't really do me any good.

Just a few more days now... and I have to make it through another weekend!

I just need to be as good as I was last weekend (and that came easily enough!) and I am golden, having completed week 2! I'll be at week 12 in no time!

Not too much to update for you today... training was good last night, it went extremely fast somehow. My knee was really angry at the end, but I managed to pull through, and it's feeling better today already. (shoulder as well! whew)

My foods have been great... if not - impeccable! Yes, I said it, impeccable! :-)

Yesterday I ate :

1. 1 cup egg beaters, spinach, ww* english muffin
2. Greek yogurt, Mix 1
3. Sushi/sashimi lunch, w/ salad & miso soup
4. ww sandwich thin & peanut butter, larabar
4.5 before training, I had a protein drink (not protein powder, but a liquid you mix with water)
5. ww spaghetti, tomato sauce, turkey meatball
6. ff yogurt, 1/2 cup blueberries, sprinkle of granola

* when I say "ww" I mean whole wheat, not weight watchers! and in the same vein, "ff" means fat-free not flamboyant flamingos, although, they really are.. with all that pink.

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