Friday, September 25, 2009

Why, blubber? Why?

I'll tell you what I feel like is the most disappointing, frustrating thing I have even known is... it is feeling big, hard muscles on my body... but not being able to see them.

My calves feel SOLID. My bicep muscles are huge! I can poke what feels like a STONE in my abs.
But none of the fat has wavered.

I have always been frustrated at my plateaus, naturally... but I have never felt this way. I have never made such huge progress that could not be seen. It feels like staying up all night writing a paper, only to have the dog eat it for breakfast.

I have nothing to show for it.

Ok, pity party over.

On to the pictures, eh?!

Tonight, dinner was filet, corn, sweet taters, and some beet slices. I know, CARBY dinner. I should have planned it better. A green veggie would have been ideal, but my intended spinach had gone bad. :-/

Later, dessert was starfruit (one of my fave fruits!!), strawberries, chobani, and a drizzle of agave nectar.

So, now I am off to bed.
My shoulder is REALLY bothering me this evening, and I am praying that it feels better in the morning... because it is too late to call Kate the Trainer now and cancel my session tomorrow.
Wish me luck that I'll be magically healed in the night! :-)

PS : I can't believe I lost another follower! I must smell bad!

6 refreshing comments:

janetha said...

i hear you on that! but just keep working and the blubber will melt away to reveal hard earned muscles. i am at the same point right now.. bah. mmm i love star fruit. have a great weekend girlie!

Anonymous said...

I think you smell fantastic. And I am always making my husband and my kids FEEL MY MUSCLES because, like you, they are still covered with a layer of insulation. Whatev.

If we were real life friends, I'd feel yours if you'd feel mine. :)

Chai Latté said...

haha thanks, you better believe me, I'd make you squeeze my muscles! Ask poor Fatty, I make him do it like twice a week. LOL

This conversation seems wrong....

Melissa Whittaker said...

Eh..I bet those followers are people who have given up on their weight loss journeys and don't want you around to remind them of their failure!

MackAttack said...

I can't believe you lost another one! Boo...Your food looks so amazing!

laura said...

i've never had starfruit! that's amazing... and i had no idea it was actually star shaped :)

your plateau pisses me off too!!