Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dang, I'm tired.

Thanks SO much for the nice words and awesome encouragement on my last post! :) It means a lot!

So, my tooth business just got worse and worse. I got about 20 minutes of sleep, and the rest was spent sitting up in bed just kinda rocking back and forth to keep myself distracted. lol. You know, like a crazy person!

This has happened to me before, and it always requires a root canal. So, I am NOT excited about it. I am waiting until the dentist is open so I can call and hopefully get an emergency appt, asap!

2 refreshing comments:

~Oct said...

Ick ... I hope you don't need another root canal. I've never had one but the guy who sits next to me at work recently did and he was off work for 3 days afterward. Owy owy owy.

Melissa Whittaker said...

Damn. First Brad, now you!

I hope you feel better - FAST.