Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pain pain, go away

So, I'm at Mom's house right now (everybody say Hi Mom!)
Good news is, the dentist says I have nothing wrong with my teeth (whew)
So they assume its my TMJ worsening. The jaw problem is causing spasms and migraines. Lovely! They took impressions for some new fancy nightguard technology, and I will get that in two weeks.

I stopped by Mom's house to steal some of her Percocet. Moms are awesome pushers! ;-)

I truly hope they help me sleep tonight!

Timing sucks though, Joel's friend is coming to stay with us for the weekend, and I have a lot of cleaning, etc, to do.. and I can barely function. I am debating about going to training tonight. :-/ We shall see.

2 refreshing comments:

Melissa Whittaker said...

Hey - if you need to take the weekend to chill, do the cleaning and stuff you need or whatever, don't worry about beading. I'd rather you feel better, and we can just do Monday as usual!

Ol' Man said...

"So, I'm at Mom's house right now (everybody say Hi Mom!)"


"Moms are awesome pushers! ;-)"

Pushes me all over da place!!!

"They took impressions for some new fancy nightguard technology"

Does it have cool running lights?

My stupid humor used to make you laugh when you were younger and feeling bad, does it still work?

Anyhow I hope you feel better soon. Any injury in the mouth/ear region are the most painful, for me at least..

Hope Moms pushing percs you up!

Enjoy your time with Joel's friend