Monday, November 16, 2009

Curse Sir Walter Raleigh!

I'm soooo tired!

Wow, it's Monday again. Someone needs to explain to me exactly how that happens!
The weekend was good. I got VERY little sleep which I am feeling today. But, Saturday - Melissa and I went to a bead show and bought some stuff. We both LOVE to shop. And we both love beads. So, you can imagine... it was a good time :-)

Sunday, I got up at 4:30am and drove for just over an hour to go meet my friend Debbie for breakfast. We both have busy schedules, and we typically see each other once every 3-4 months despite trying for every other week.  So, we made it work!  Glad we did. She's one of my very besties!

I didn't take any food pics this weekend (sorry!) and I don't have much (health-related) stuff to talk about... so I will talk about other people's! ;-)

My Mom is in the OR right this minute having her spine surgery, so keep her in your thoughts! I am sure everything will go fine, as it always does. The woman is a warrior! ;-)

Also, tonight is Fatty's first training session with Trainer Bob!  I swear I am as excited as he is! I don't know why it's always so satisfying when someone goes through the same thing as you (a positive thing, of course!).  I've just wanted someone to know what I do three days a week! :-)  I can't wait to hear how it goes. I know he's gonna love it.

I am hoping to get some responses on my Vlog today. I was SO nervous all day after posting it... I nearly took it back down about 10 times. :-)  But if there is one thing I've learned...  it's... COMMIT! 

Well, as Melissa would say, that's enough of my "jibberjab"  :-)

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Melissa Whittaker said...

quit yo jibba jabba.

also, i will watch your vlog tonight at home (can't watch with sound at work).