Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall Into Fitness

Ok, so ignore the last business I wrote about the eight-week challenge. It did not start November First.. it starts TODAY! Nov. 4th! Figures, since I actually lost a couple pounds between then and now.. thanks A LOT, peeps! ;-)

So my starting weight for the Fall Into Fitness : 8 Week Challenge is officially -

Weigh ins will be on Wednesdays for this, so I'll just switch my regular weigh ins till then to keep simple.

I am up against some awesome ladies... wish me luck!!

2 refreshing comments:

BuilderAdam said... I'm playing along but just to play along. :) No prizes for me. This morning I was officially 208.5. Not pleased with that one bit I tell you. Not one bit. Let's see where 8 weeks takes me.

Kathryn Crawford said...

good luck lady, i know you can do eet!