Friday, November 13, 2009

My Tookus!

Spin bike hurts my tookus!
Workout was fine, knee is still back at being a little whiny bitch, but what can ya do?
Got home, fixed up some Turkey Chop Suey (I guess? I am not sure what constitutes a chop suey, it just sounds right)

Mine was basically a butt-ton of onions & garlic

cooked in with some ground turkey, crushed tomatoes, whole wheat elbows, romano cheese, and some spices.

It wasn't AMAZING, but it was tasty, and one of those dishes that feels so warm & hearty going down.. its hard not to eat too much!  Especially considering I made enough to feed a family of 10.
Anybody want some!?

Here's a little bonus picture of Corgi justa workin' on her fitness. (I'm her witness! Ooo eeee!)

3 refreshing comments:

Sheryl said...

I love the pic of you pup. When I get down on the floor to stretch or whatever my dogs come up to me and think it's time to play - they make it just a little more challenging.

Fatty McFat-Fat said...

Corg lifts more weights than me.. :( haha

モテる度チェッカー said...