Friday, November 6, 2009

Tips, Tricks, and Random Shit I do

Food, Cooking, & Portion Control

• Chew gum while you prepare and cook your food. You won't pick at the goodies that way.

• Use cooking spray. Yes, olive oil is a "good fat" it doesn't mean it won't still make you fat. Use cooking spray when cooking, and olive oil for dressings and toppings.

• When counting calories - round up. Trust me, you ate a little bit more than you thought you did!

• Portion out your food as soon as its done cooking. Set up containers, separate out the food equally. Take one container for your meal, pack the rest away. I noticed that I would feed myself MORE on that initial serving, and pack the leftovers away properly. If you dole them out equally, you might be more honest.

• Don't bake a pan of brownies and then eat the whole thing. (duh) Bake a pan of brownies, cut them up, wrap each brownie individually in saran wrap. Keep one or two for yourself. Write the DATE on them of when you're allowed to eat them (like, one for today, one for 3 days from now) On the rest, write someone's name whom you will give it to. Draw a little heart on it. You couldn't POSSIBLY eat someone else's brownie, COULD YOU!? Because that would make you a bad person.

• Start making your sandwiches sans cheese. (gasp!) I know. I love cheese. But trust me, you won't notice. And it's a hefty caloric difference.

• You've heard this one before! Use a smaller bowl/plate/fork/glass. Its stupid. But it works.

• Use greek yogurt in place of sour cream. I can't recommend this enough. I know it sounds like a flawed plan... but its thick, tastes good, and have that same cooling effect like sour cream. Its even good for making dips out of. No lie!

• Try things. Try things you hated when you were a kid. Your taste buds are entirely new now! Try things that look or sound gross to you. Chances are, they are delicious. Try everything! The worst thing that could happen is that you don't like it. Oh, big whoop.

Going Out To Eat

• Go online, research the menu ahead of time

• Write down what you'll be ordering on a post it note and bring it with you. Do not deviate from the post it note. Show the note to your companions and proclaim "This what I will order. If I order something else you can punch me in the zyphoid process"

• Order from the appetizer or tapas menu. You won't have to worry about controlling yourself from eating your whole plate, if your whole plate is an acceptable portion.


• If something little is bothering you, fix it immediately or you will focus on it instead of the exercise. Like, your untied shoe, your imminent fart, your ponytail falling loose, your whateverwhateverwhatever. You do not need to be distracted or annoyed by these things, so just STOP. fix them. and move on.

• Make a schedule. If you say "I'll work out when I have the time" or "I'll work out 3 times this week" it won't happen. Write it down. Mon, Wed, Friday - 7pm-8pm. Do it!

• Do research, or phone a friend! Don't assume you know how to use that giant machine at the gym. Don't be so sure that your form is perfection when doing squats... Ask someone that knows! Even easier.. go online. there are millions of articles, images, and videos from professionals showing you what to do. For free. Privately.

Willpower & Motivation

• Make rules. Personally, I am a rule follower by nature. If you're like me, you don't need willpower, just your rule-following compulsion. I make a rule "no cookies"
therefore, I eat no cookies. No. Matter. What. Its not easy, still. But making things completely off limits negates the need for true strength and portion control. If I said I could have "some cookies" I would eat a LOT of cookies. You catch my drift?

• Tell people. I am also motivated by pride. And it would hurt my pride if someone I know saw me fail. So, tell everyone your goals, plans, and rules. You won't want to slip up in front of them.

• Don't lie to yourself. Don't justify things to make it sound less offensive. "Oh, I had 3 pounds of french fries... its ok, potatoes are vegetables! and I worked out today! and I ate less at breakfast! and, and...and..." You *know* its all excuses, so don't even bother giving them to yourself. YOU'RE ALLOWED TO SLIP UP. You're allowed to have an off day, or make a mistake. It's FINE. But there is no reason to ever lie to yourself about it. Because eventually, you believe that lie and then you're eating gummi bears for fruit, carrot cake for vegetables and mountain dew for water.

And lastly...

• Find what works for you. These are all things that work for me. They may not work for you. But try them. Try everything that sounds healthy, and you'll take the best from it and concoct a plan for yourself.

Please, please please please leave me a comment with some tips & tricks of your own.

7 refreshing comments:

Sheryl said...

What great tips. If you don't mind I think I will copy them and put them on the frig.

Have a great weekend.

Chai Latté said...

Thanks Sheryl! I appreciate that, a lot! :-)

~Oct said...

I totally relate to the rules thing. I call them promise to self, but it's the same thing. Once I've made the rule I cannot break it. That's why I'm very careful not to make a rule that is too difficult or too lengthy. Breaking a rule even once could potentially weaken this nifty little ability, so I don't risk that and keep the rules short and achievable. Thank you for your list! I think I will look for Greek yogurt when I visit the market tonight.

One of my tricks is to plan alternative activities to fill my time when I know I would otherwise be alone for too long. I'll go shoppping or have my hair or nails done. It keeps my mind off of what's in the fridge.

Melissa Whittaker said...

This is an awesome entry.


Chai Latté said...

Thanks guys!

Oct - that is an awesome tip too.
I often *try* to do that, but then my brain will say... WAIT, WE'RE ALONE. LETS DO NOTHING BUT EAT! :-)
Combating that is hard.. but it has to be done!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Excellent tips. The "rule" thing is especially important early on. I found that after I got comfortable with the DON'Ts, I was ready for more postive and flexible concepts.

Good post.

Chai Latté said...

Oh, high praise from the Sh*t himself! :-)