Tuesday, December 1, 2009

instant results

I want them!! haha
Although to be fair, I'd have to work harder than I have been. Yesterday was my third personal training session, and I still love it. But I'm pretty sure Bob is trying to kill me, in the best way possible. :) I think that's what I like the most about it. It's a real challenge, and when I leave after my hour is up, I feel like I really did work hard. Harder than I'd push myself on my own. It's such a satisfying feeling hearing fight it, mind over body, you got this... and actually doing it. I don't think my legs have EVER felt as worn out and tired as they were last night by the end of my elliptical session. I felt sluggish, wobbly, tired, and exhausted, and that was about halfway through! But, I finished it out. I was actually thinking, I might not be able to walk to my car later, when it was time to go. lol I hadn't even done abs yet. :) My muscles are still tired today, not really sore, just tired. I want to go back tonight, and see what I could handle, and push through this time.

Seeing how badly this kills me once a week, and knowing that Chai does it three times!!! I look up to her even more! I may have more strength, but she whoops my butt when it comes to endurance. Time for me to play catch-up.

3 refreshing comments:

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can keep up with the work out a lil more at home now that you have your ball. You are a very hard worker I know you can do this. You already have come such a long way with all the weight you have taken off :) You always look at the bad things just try and remember the good things that you have done too. I know you can do this and I know myself and the family are so proud of you for what you have already accomplished. Now get your but into gear and push threw your slump Mr ;)

Chai Latté said...

Yah, catch it up, MISTER! :-)
Though, now that I am trying to double up my exercise...you'll never catch me! BREWHAHAAAAA!!!

Moleman said...

Hahahaha Now we gonna get you a Bassmaster trainer! See how that tune plays out!