Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Smooth Moves

Happy Humpday everybody. It is supposed to be weigh in day today...but I am still just not in the right mind-set for it. I'll have to ask the Fall Into Fitness challenge ladies if they should just kick me out! My fantasy, has always been to wait as long as I can, and step on the scale and have some huge number, like 12lbs or something!
Something significant, and WOO-HOO worthy! I'm still waiting :-)
But I'd at least like to get one week of these double work outs/smoothies under the bridge before I weigh in.

That means, yes, I did my treadmillin' this morning. It was not as successful as yesterday morning, assuredly because it is still tired from my training session last night. My back and knees were killing this morning, and despite having some new awesome music, I just couldn't seem to push myself very far. But, whatevs. I still did it. They can't all be shiny gems :-)

I won't be home until late tonight, so I am trying to figure out what kind of workout I should do just before bed...I don't want to jog again, if I'll be getting up to jog in a few hours after. Eh, I'll figure it out!

Soooo, yah. The smoothies are good! I inadvertently started myself on a smoothie diet. lol. I fell in love with these cups, as you know. And so I just HAD to make a smoothie. Then I had leftovers, and it was sitting there ready for me for breakfast. Then, I had nothing for lunch, so hey, why not? I told Joel - "hey, I had a smoothie for breakfast, and a smoothie for lunch!" And he said "now, you just need to have a sensible dinner!" Hehe. And so I thought... yah, why not!
For 3 days now, I've had smoothie breakfast & lunch, sensible dinner, and one or two small snacks and I rather like the way it goes. So, I will continue for awhile, (until I get so sick of smoothies I can't bear it) hehe!

3 refreshing comments:

Melissa Whittaker said...

I enjoy my sleep too much to ever get up for a workout.


I admire your willpower. For I have none. Nope.

I feel the donuts calling me....

Chai Latté said...

haha yeah, i definitely HATE getting up early too. But, I gotta do what I gotta do!

100in12 said...

you just do what you need to do!

i'm not gonna lie, those big numbers ARE fun. last summer i worked abroad for two months and coming home and getting on that scale for the first time and seeing a huge drop (like 20 pounds) was incredible. then i gained it all back and then some by eating my feelings but THAT'S another story.

keep it up chai!