Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The more you suffer, the more it shows you really care! Right? Yah!

First of all.. Biggest Loser YAYAYAYAAYYYyy! :-)


I *almost* didn't do my jog this morning. But miraculously, I convinced myself to. And I did my 13 minutes :-) My knee is all sorts of jacked up right now, and I am praying it does not stay that way all day.

So, we've gotten the first (and now today, the second) snow of the year. You all know how much I hate it. But I took a picture anyway :-)

Had some soosh.

Made more smoothies -

Today is a big ol' snow storm, and my drive in was SCARE-E. But I made it!

Hope you're all doing well!

2 refreshing comments:

100in12 said...

snow is beautiful! :-) annoying as hell to drive in, but still beautiful. it took a second look to see your dog there hehe!

I love that you call is soosh. I might steal that. It looks so good! I love soosh ;-)

perfect.loop said...

i want sushi. perhaps I shall spend some moneyidonthave on some today.