Monday, February 1, 2010


I have always loved saying FALAFEL!  (Oh, I just falafel!) 
Turns out, its just as fun going IN the mouth as it is coming out :-) 

I picked up some pre-made falafels (Veggie Patch brand) at Costco the other day.  So for dinner I heated the little suckers up - 

I sliced up some onions, tomatoes,  and lettuce, plopped 'em all together with a big dollop of tzaziki on a lavash.. and BAM. Falafel sammies. 

(This is Joel's, I only had 1/2 a lavash - aka - 1 serving)

(That's mine! Look how cute he is!)

This is SUCH a good, easy dish.  What I love about it is that it is something that satisfies a greasier craving.  What I mean is.. when you're eating it, it feels like a big heaping burrito or a big sub. The falafel have just enough spices and 'meatability' to them that they feel heftier than they are.  And the tzaziki is creamy and mayo like for 1/3 the calories. The crunchy veggies, and the chewy lavash... it all comes together to make a feeling of something else.   But the whole thing was less than 300 calories! 

Don't get me wrong, I love light, healthy tasting crisp foods.  But I can't say I also don't love a big, greasy diner-type meal.  And I love that this sandwich feels like both!

I had some more for lunch today, too! I cut the balls in half to really fill up 1/2 of a pita. 

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100in12 said...

hi friend! i've missed you. i LOVE falafal. interesting that the costco brand is good, eh? if you ever come to DC we're going to the best falafal place in the universe and you will never be the same! :-)

MackAttack said...

Oh crap, now I'm craving falafal! That looks AMAZING!

CactusFreek said...

I've never tasted them, but at less than 300 cals, i'm looking for a recipe!
Thanks :o)

Karla said...

Ok , I am going to Costco!!! I have always wondered if they were good!! I love Falafel!!

prashant said...

we're going to the best place in the universe and you will never be the same!
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