Monday, March 29, 2010

Rainbow Chopped Salad

I whipped up this little salad after my jog tonight (I did 2.5 miles straight! 40 minutes!) and it somehow embodied perfection! Not to mention, it was beautiful. I dubbed it - Rainbow Chopped Salad, because it contained every color of the rainbow! + Pink, for good measure... 

So here it is! 

RED : tomato
ORANGE : carrots
YELLOW : mango
GREEN : lettuce, avocado
BLUE : gorgonzola 
PURPLE : purple onion
PINK : salmon

Genius!  The salmon was marinated for an hour and a half in - cilantro, miso, scallion, garlic, and lemon.
The whole thing was then drizzled with an organic orange miso dressing. 

One of my best creations! Not bad for on-the-fly! Joel approved too!

2 refreshing comments:

lishapisa said...

oh this is very beautiful dish. I need to remember to work with more colorful ingredients as they hold more nutrients then the lite ones.
marinade sounds surpurrrrrlicious!
thank you!
CookNg Sisters

Overbooked librarian said...

oooh yum, I am totally stealing this! ;)