Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Question of the Week - Week 12

Do you reward yourself for hitting goals, or doing well? 
If so, what are your rewards like?

Well, you all know that at 50lbs lost, I get a new convertible!  But, that would have been happening anyway, weight loss or not. :-) I had also always planned to get another tattoo when I reach "goal" whatever that may be.  We'll see! 
I do reward myself with a kombucha after a particularly hard work out. It feels so nice going down! :-) 
Other than that, I try very hard to stay away from food as a reward though. It's slippery slope!

Oh! I did also decide to get a massage when I hit 50lbs, too. Come ooooon 50! 

5 refreshing comments:

~Oct said...

I buy smaller clothes! Not as a reward but just because being smaller is a reward in itself.

I also bet Cro that the first one of us to lose all the weight that we feel is needed (so it's not a specific number but just saying yeah, I'm there) will get backrubs every day for a year. :) I love backrubs so that is a goal worth working toward.

higgly said...

I always buy a new outfit :)

muddymamma said...

It used to always be a "food reward"
That never worked very well... go figure ;-/

So now ... really my only "reward" is zipping up my size 4 jeans :-)

Melissa said...

No. Because I usually can't wait for a reward. I generally like to indulge, like, all the time.

Hence why I am up 13 pounds from wedding weight. ;)

Perfectlychic said...

after a work out I tend to splurge on a skinny cow strawberry shortcake ice cream sandwich.. it only puts me back 120 calories and it's utterly delicious and refreshing.. especially on hot days! :o)