Monday, April 19, 2010

Run down

Hello All!

I know my posting has been lacking. Just one of those months, you know? I know you do!

Sooooo, yah.... nothing new and note-worthy over here.  My final weigh-in on Saturday was a bit lack-luster. At home, I saw 215.4! Which is awesome! But the scale at the gym is different than mine, and showed no change. Actually, it might have gone up a small percentage, I don't remember. I wanted to finish strong, and put up a good number, but oh well.  I *should* still rank in the top 5. Winners will be announced this Saturday, so I'll let you know then, and announce the winner of my play-along challenge!

I didn't run quite as much as I was supposed to this weekend, and unfortunately it knocks me a little ways off track for the monthly mileage goal I set. But I have no doubt I'll catch up.

This weekend, I was just feeling like it all caught up to me. Still some residual today as well, I fear.
My body feels broke down! I've got these super painful knotty spots in my shoulder and back muscles, my knees are near defunct and I just feel tired. 

I know that I work so hard that this is inevitable. I need to just chill out, let my body recover and then get back to it.  But I also know that if I take a day off, I gain 3lbs. And that I am not OK with.  It is hard finding balance.

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higgly said...

:( why is it that I have been doing triple the amount of working out and the scale goes up 15 pounds :( :( :(