Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bacon, and Birthday Goals

For Fatty's birthday, we decorated his cubicle. We tried to stick to a bacon theme, and one coworker took it to a whole other level... 

Meet : Bryan's Birthday Bacon Buddy! 

Isn't he cute?!

Don't worry! He's not edible... doesn't mean Fatty won't try to take a bite! 

Sooooooooo, back to relevant information! 

I got back on the treadmill last night, for my first run in a couple weeks. My knee bands haven't come yet, but I couldn't wait any longer!  I did 2 miles, which I am happy enough about.  But I was really feeling it, side cramps and everything! If the weather warms up by Friday, I think I'll do 10 miles on the bike, then 2 or 3 miles running (indoor). 

I'm not tracking my food this week.  I typically log every morsel that touches my lips. But I feel like I need a break from the meticulous record keeping. I'll get back to it, it just seems overwhelming sometimes. I'll still be eating the same way, though!

After Fatty's Bday, I was thinking about my Bday!  (It's not until October, don't worry, you still have time to shop! :-) ) I really really would like to lose a substantial chunk of weight before then. A birthday is like a personal New Years. A time to review the last year of your life, and decide how you'd like to spend the next one! I'd like to look back at my 28th year as a year of huge strides of progress, and head into my 29th year feeling like I'm in the homestretch. 
I feel foolish making these kinds of hopes and goals, when it truly feels like I have no say over how quickly my body releases fat (if it does at all)
But... if helps me keep my solid motivation, then....I see no harm in it. 
If I could lose 20-30lbs by my birthday (5 months), I would be ecstatic!  A lot of my friends are ones that I only see once a year, on my Bday. And how nice it would be to show them a new me! 

Now the question is.... how can I make this happen!?

Bonus Pic : 

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