Sunday, May 9, 2010


On this day, May 10th, 30 years ago... a hairy but glorious baby boy was born. He was born to two awesome parents, and a welcoming older sister. He was cute and goofy, much like he is now. 
Just a short time after this occasion, I was born, and this boy became a middle child. I am very lucky.

My brother, whom you all know as Fatty, is my best friend. I see him every day, and every day.... many times a day—he makes me smile. My brother can make me laugh hysterically with very little effort.
He is so talented, quick-witted, intelligent and funny. I have always (even when he had some 90's haircuts) been proud to call him my family AND my friend.

Happy Birthday dude.
I know you hate pics of yourself as much as I do. So I will spare you that. And I'll give you this instead : 

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Fatty McFat-Fat said...

Two popsicles!!!!! :) Thanks a bunch, and I'll leave you with one word...