Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh My Goslings!

Guess who just got back from their very first bike ride?

MmHmm, that's right. I survived. No meltdowns, no crashes, no bugs in the teeth. (a couple up the schnozz though, that's cool)

So, first off! Here's my stats! : 

Ride Time : 53 minutes
Distance : 9 miles
Average Speed : 10.09 mph
Fastest Speed : 38mph 
Elevation Climb : 449 feet (that's cool!)
Calories Spent : 563

Now, my average ride speed IS faster than 10mph, but I stopped multiple times to take photos :-) 

Speaking of! 

On to the pictures! 

The rail trail runs through some nature conservation land, so it's really beautiful. 
I stopped to check out this family : 

Where the The Floofenbutte Family was (that's their proper name, but you can call them, Bill, Suzanne, and the kids) was the most beautiful part of the ride... water on both sides, and the sun was just about to set. 


I stopped short and pulled out my camera lickety split to capture the most beautiful black and tan snake, who was crossing the path... but sure enough, as soon as I get the camera booted up, he's gone. 
he was about 5 feet long, and so shiny. I believe his name was Gene.  Sorry I missed ya, G. 

Moving on! 

My thoughts on the ride?

I was very scared. The path was quite low on activity, but panic would strike when another cyclist or walker would pop up on my radar.  I don't have much control over my bike at all yet, so I would slow down as much as possible without tipping over, stay as close to the side as I could, and inside my head scream : ITS MY FIRST TIME, WATCH OUT FOR ME! YOU MIGHT DIE.

Then, I'd make it by them... do a celebratory and unintentional swerve to both sides and then continue on my way. 

Physically, however, it was 100% fine. Riding is easy, my legs never tire or burn, my tookus feels fine (bruised, but not bad...yet), my back has no issues. I did have a problem with my hands falling asleep, but I have no doubt that it is largely contributed to the intense clenching I am doing because of my nervousness.  That too shall pass. 

So, all in all... I had a really nice time!  I look forward to doing it again.  And I will be choosing my Rail Trail times wisely, as to avoid any real traffic. 

 I noticed when I got back, that my seat totally lowered itself to the lowest position during my ride. Bummer!

5 refreshing comments:

~Oct said...

I love this! :)

muddymamma said...

Yay YOU!!!!!
What a gorgeous ride.

Chai Latté said...

Thank you ladies!
I can't wait until I am more comfortable with riding.. then I can explore more and bring you more pictures!

Melissa said...

hey, I'm jealous! you let me know when you wanna go again, and I'm there with you!!!

Anonymous said...

Slick ride there kid... If you want to hot rod it up George and I have ideas!