Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm a cave woman, so what!?

Bob gave me the Paleo Diet book to read. I've read all about this diet on the internet before, but it's pretty similar to the way I eat now, I never really committed to trying it. 

The basic principle is simple - eat the way our bodies were made to eat. 
To author Loren Cordain, that means eating like a Paleolithic human.  What we could have hunted or gathered, and only that.  On basic principle, I do (and always have) agree with this sentiment. Genetically, our bodies have only changed and adapted less than .02% since our ancestors were chomping on whooly mammoths. That's bonkers.  Very little change to the way our bodies process food, and yet, since then, we've created this over the top, incredible world of food for ourselves.  

This is the gist of it

Now, I don't think food technology is all wrong. I think it's amazing (and delicious) the things we have now, but I also think we've taken it a bit far.  If you put a cupcake or a cinnamon bun in front of a caveman, I am not sure he'd even recognize it as being edible. 

But I digress.  My point is :  I am trying this diet. Aside from being on board with the principles behind it, I also am getting quite desperate for a change that will help me lose weight, and... this is me... I'll try anything :-) 

Here is what it means for me : 

• No Dairy
I am ok with this. Though I love my greek yogurt, for the most part I am lactose intolerant. So this isn't so much of a hardship. I may still sprinkle a tinkle of skim in my iced coffee every now and then, and my ancestors will have to forgive me.

• No Grains
I ate low carb for over a year, and so having no grains is absolutely doable.  I'm not really a carbaholic, so saying goodbye to grains is more of an inconvenience than a heartache. I eat bagel thins and tortillas because they are low calorie and extremely convenient.  Same with rice and oats. 

• No Sugar, Low Salt
I've been about 90% sugar free for a long time, so I am OK with that. Salt, however... ;-) 
Ok, Ok! I'll cut back, I s'pose.

I don't think that mammoth likes being called fat!
So, what makes this different than when I was eating Atkins are a few very big things - 

1. This is not a high-fat diet, it's lean meats + "good fats"

2. Unlimited fruits & veggies.  Atkins was counting the carbs only, which meant fruits and a lot of veggies were off limits because of their high sugar and starch content. This is the thing, to me, that makes ALL the difference.  I can easily go without breads and pastas. I cannot be happy without my fruits! 

I am not really enthused about doing another diet that requires intensive and exhaustive planning and prepping.  But,  I know I'll get into the groove with it, as I always do. 

Trainer Bob said he may be trying it out as well, so I'm curious to see how we both will feel in a week or so. I started yesterday, so today is Day 2! My starting weight this morning was 220.3lbs. Lets see if this cave food can get me back to that 211, and beeeeyyyooooonnnddd!

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Beth @ Kitchen Minions said...

This looks like a really interesting diet. I don't know if I could skip dairy though. I'm considering atkins just to jump start some weight loss.

Chai Latté said...

I really liked being on Atkins. I always felt good and everything. So I definitely wouldn't diss it!
Especially if it works for you.
I am hoping nixing the grains is enough to jump start me too. I am not sure if it's enough change to work, but.... I gotta try something!

Melissa Whittaker said...

Good luck! :)

(Will you be running around from saber tooth tigers too? That's bound to burn some fat!) Heheh.

This diet looks right up your alley because of all the fruits and veggies! I know how much you love your fruits!

Rebecca said...

This does look like a really interesting diet..I'll be interested to see how you do!

Like beth not sure if i could give up the dairy...havent really taken to soy. The grains...I think some are needed by the body but my latest consumption has me wondering if thats really the case.

Kim said...

Sounds like an interesting diet plan...and there has to be something to it. Will definitely be following you closely to see if it works for you...and then maybe discovering my inner-Cavewoman soon!

Floriana said...

I am brand new to your blog, just started following and it's great that I jumped in just when you are starting. Will be interesting to follow your progress. Good luck!