Monday, December 27, 2010

"Must be nice!"

. . . that is what people say to me when they hear how much Joel spoils me. And it IS nice, let me tell you ;-)   I got everything I wanted for Christmas, and then some! I can't even tell you. I was almost brought to tears with the generosity and thoughtfulness of my own man! I mean, yes, it's "our" money, but it doesn't matter. He's the best! 

Anyway, on to the loot! 

Meet... WAYNE : 

I named him Wayne, because Schwinn in my head always sounds like "schwing!"

Isn't he beautiful?! You can see the myriad of tools in the background, it took a bit of setting up and adjusting, but he should be good to ride now... can't wait to take him on his maiden voyage!

Also,  this guy! (no name, yet!)

This is called a Powerblock. I had told Joel awhile ago that I wanted the adjustable weights that Bowflex makes. But Joel being Joel had to do a crazy amount of research and decided that this brand/product is even better and more liked than the Bowflex. 

I just put together the stand, so I haven't used them in a workout yet either. But I'll probably do a proper review or video when I do!  But the gist is, the white block park is the handle, and the weights attach to it with a magnetic/pressure clip that adjusts to whatever increment you want. SO. COOL. That one block there goes from 10 to 50lbs, and he got me two blocks. 

Awesome, right?! Oh, but that is not all!  He also got me a new TV for the bedroom (aka, GYM). Now, I can do my exercise videos, wii active & wii fit, and watch videos while I run or spin, all in the most spacious room. I can't believe he doesn't care that my gym is our bedroom. Poor guy! 
AND, he got me a new lunch box, new earphones for working out, and a heated mattress pad, which I am enjoying right now.   Somehow it feels so warm and cozy but also feels like maybe I wet myself.  Something weird about having an unnaturally warm bottom. 

I had a really wonderful Christmas.  I spent the whole day with my family, whom I love so much. And I got to give gifts that made everyone smile (thats my favorite part!!) 
I truly hope everyone is enjoying their holidays and the season! 

5 refreshing comments:

Beth @ Kitchen Minions said...

wow! A few more pieces of equipment and you'll be able to charge admission! Glad you had a great xmas!

Rebecca said...

how awesome!!! you must have been a really good girl this year!

definitely loving the spin bike and the adjustable weight bell! dbs can get so expensive!

Lori said...

Wow - you can charge a fee and have people work out in your gym LOL!

SheZug said...

Whew! I'm glad I am not the only one who names her stuff! LOL Happy new year!

Melissa Whittaker said...

The paragraph about feeling like maybe you wet yourself and your warm bottom made me laugh out loud.

I'm so glad Joel is so good to my Shannon! He makes up for what I can't give!