Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tis The Season!

I suppose it is now the time to start thinking about what my goals for 2011 will be.  Like I said before, I am not immune to the draw of a New Year, so I've got to decide what I'd like to accomplish in this new fresh one!

I cannot make weight loss goals in pounds.  It's too unpredictable and I am too used to not ever meeting them.  My weight loss goal for the year will be to get into a size 14.  It took me losing over 50lbs to go from an 18/20 to a 16/18.  So I assume it will take quite a bit to lose another size. I've always figured I'd go from a 20 to a 12 in a year, because that is what other's did. But, it's just not the way for me, I guess!
So, lock it in! 

GOAL #1 :  Fit into a size 14 

I made the goal last year (and, I think, the year before) to run a 5k.  This hasn't happened yet.  Every time I am derailed by my angry knees.  But alas, I am making it a goal again. Lock this one in, too!

GOAL #2 : Run a 5k race

That's it!  I am not going nuts on my list of goals.  If I learned anything in 2010, it's that a year is remarkably shorter than I think it is. I truly want to attain both these goals, so I will focus just on them and not overload with other things.

As for progress from the past...
I am still not seeing any changes to my body, and my measurements remain the same.
I do see a change in my face, though! I might be down to just one chin! :)



6 refreshing comments:

Rebecca said...

awe you look completely lovely!!!

have a great new year!

~Oct said...

Great goals ... I'll match ya on the get into size 14 jeans. That sounds like a doable goal for me too. You are looking awesome.

Beth @ Kitchen Minions said...

I love the progress picture! The scale does not tell the story that your pictures do! Hot stuff!

Melissa Whittaker said...

Well, I know you don't see it and you don't have measurements to prove it (which I don't quite understand either!) but you look GOOD! :) I've noticed a big change in you from, say, my wedding, to now. :)

I don't care if you don't believe it, either!!!

laura said...

girl, you look absolutely fabulous! thank you for the comment, ditto! :) i started grad school, so life has been crazy busy, but also wonderful.

Mandy K said...

I definitely see a change! You look amazing. Good luck with your goals, you can do it <3