Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blogging from the couch

I just learned something very important.
Apparently, if you put on your cozy jammies on the morning it is remarkably hard to do anything!
It is 6pm and my day has been useless! Gonna get up and go work out now, but I don't think it'll be enough to make up for my sloth :)

I can't say this is a typical problem, but I think i have a new rule for 2011. When i get up on the weekends, I will put on my workout clothes first thing!

I did have a nice NYE with Joel. We stayed in and watched Inception with our cuddly pups :) I hope you all had a wonderful new years as well!

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Melissa Whittaker said...

I find that too! If I'm in comfy clothes...I'm lazy as all heck. When I used to force myself into workout clothes, it made me want to work out or be productive, at least!