Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 04

Day 04 :  Your views on religion.

I was raised sans any form of religion. I am an atheist and I have always been.  I believe, wholeheartedly, that everyone should believe whatever they wish to believe.  I think religions were born from a good place and give most people a sense of peace or belonging or something else they may be needing in their life. For me, I just don't believe in a god or a higher power of any kind.

If I were to make a religion of my own, it would be founded on very similar principles -
• evolution & biology
• respect
• self-fulfillment

And that is pretty much it.  I believe everyone has the right to be themselves and should be allowed the freedom to express that self without judgment.  I also believe that while staying true to yourself and your own happiness, one should always be kind, generous, and respectful to all other people and creatures on this planet. (if we ever happen upon some. lol) I don't think we need a deity to enforce those principles.

I wish I had some beautiful story or poignant point to make with these posts. But hey... at least I am posting! :-)

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