Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 05 and skip to Day 06

Day 05 : A Time You Thought About Ending Your Own Life.

I have a few anxiety issues. I also have pretty dire self esteem. However, I am so incredibly lucky to never had depression or suicidal thoughts.  I am skipping on to the next challenge if you don't mind!

Day 06 : Write 30 Interesting Facts About Yourself.

Are you kidding?  I can't think of one interesting thing about myself!  But, I'll think of some random facts, I suppose!

(it has now been 30 minutes, and I haven't thought of ONE. This is gonna be a long day!)

1. I have to squeeze my nose when I go underwater. I also cannot blow my nose. I feel like these things are related. No one believes me. :-)
2. I am a nail-biter, since birth!
3. I prefer movies to have non-happy endings. And I almost always side with the villain.
4. I name almost everything. I think it's a horrible shame to not name your car.
5. I have had almost any haircut and color you can think of, I have never been afraid to mess with my 'do.
6. My fantasy dream job is fashion design.

(it has now been an hour and a half.. I'm dying here!) 

7. I once had a long stay in the hospital, and then was on an oxygen tank for weeks at home - and my ailment is still a mystery!
8. I am part Native American, and I am related to someone who was on the Mayflower. (so I like to say that any way you look at it, I was here first!)
9. When I was a baby, I was on the front page of the newspaper. I was eating ice cream on the beach during a heat wave.  I was CUTE.
10. I was a SYSOP for a BBS for years and years! (anyone remember these?)
11. I do NOT have a Facebook account (thanks to Melissa for this fact. I forget how rare that is these days!)
12. Ages 4-11 I wanted to be an entomologist (and part time fashion designer, natch!)
13. I have an irrational fear of being late. Now I gotta look up the technical term... "allegrophobia".
14. This May will mark my 10 year anniversary at my job.
15. I am legally blind.
16. I don't like to read.
17. Against incredible odds (says the doctor), I once got a carrot shred lodged into a hole in my tonsil. She called all the other doctors in, where they laughed and took pictures of it for a medical journal!
18. I won the "Unsung Hero" award in high school, for my work with the theater program.
19. I also won a Best Costumes & Makeup award at a state theater competition.
20. I once broke into the house I grew up in (it was vacant) and I stole some of my own belongings!
21. I love walking train tracks.
22. I strongly believe that the letter Q should be at the end of the alphabet with X, Y, and Z. It's out of place, I tell you.
23. I am impossibly bad at math.
24. I told Patrick Stewart in person that my Auntie thinks he is dreamy.
25. I like peanut butter sandwiches dunked in tomato soup.
26. I love the smell of bleach (soft scrub, to be specific!)
27. I won $500 on Keno when I was 13.
28. I watch Boy Meets World and/or Saved By The Bell every morning while I am getting ready for work. 
29. My cat is named after a Twin Peaks character.
30. I have a lotion addiction.

WHEW! Done!!  Took me 6 hours to finish! Good luck to anyone else trying this :-) 

3 refreshing comments:

Mandy K said...

So how do you clear the boogers? :-P

Melissa Whittaker said...

When did you meet Patrick Stewart?

Also, I'm glad I snuck a peek at yours, you have given me a few ideas to complete my own.

Chai Latté said...

Haha Manda, I guess I just sniffle!

Melissa - 4th grade science trip to the planetarium was hosted in person by Patrick Stewart! I was the only one in my grade who knew who he was. I shook his hand and said "My auntie loves you. She says you are dreamy"
And he laughed. :-)