Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 21

Day 21 : One of Your Favorite Shows

Ok, I have a lot of favorite shows so I am glad this doesn't say just "Your favorite shows" or "all-time favorite show" that would be too dang hard!
I will pick Twin Peaks for this. Twin Peaks came first to mind because I watched Eraserhead yesterday while home sick.

Twin Peaks is a super quirky, dark but silly show about a murder investigation in a small town. It was directed by adorably disturbed director David Lynch. The show only lasted 2 seasons (1 year) but it has really lasted as a cult phenomenon. And for good reason!

Plus, Duchovny in drag? adorable!

Some of my other favorites include : Deadwood, Dexter, Boy Meets World, Quantum Leap, Saved By The Bell, Rome, United States of Tara, Californication, Breaking Bad, Biggest Loser, Heavy, any/all MTV/VH1 reality trash... love it!

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