Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 23

Day 23 : Give pictures of 5 guys who are famous that you find attractive. 

Ok, this is easy. I crush pretty easily! ;-) I have many celebrity boyfriends!  The thing is... is that I am so attracted to talent, that I tend to crush on people that you might go.. huh? But I am not immune to the beauty that is Ryan Reynolds. So, don't give up on my sanity that quickly! :-) 
Without further ado... my loves! 

(in no particular order. I wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings! ;-) ) 

#1. Nuno Bettencourt
So so so so so talented. But  looks-wise? Yes please! I am a complete sucker for a Portuguese dude. Though, I often say I could never marry him because he's so tiny. He's so short! I might lose him in the couch cushions or something. 

Yes, that is his wife. If I didn't love her music too, I'd hate her! ;-)

#2. Rob Thomas
Again, talent talent talent! I think physically, he's adorable but very average. However,  I am huge fan of his writing and singing and seeing him live is electric. 

#3. Jason Statham
Well, duh. 

#4. Peter Gabriel
Yes, I know he just turned 61, don't care. Don't judge me! Love knows no age! 

#5. Sam Rockwell
There is nothing, nothing, nothing dreamier than a funny guy. And Sam is hilarious, talented, and adorable! 

I'm glad it said just 5. I could go on all day! ;-) Yes, apparently I am 13 years old.

5 refreshing comments:

Melissa Whittaker said...

haha, I had SO much fun writing my entry (even though everyone already knows my celebrity crushes). I felt so giddy just pulling hot guy pictures and posting them, LOL ;)

Also, who is Jason Statham (I dunno if I spelled that right)?

Chai Latté said...

What!? I am surprised you don't know him, he's the best! :-)

He's an actor... been in lots o movies -

100in12 said...

i LOVE sam rockwell. love love love. especially when he does little dances in his movies. have tou seen Choke?

Chai Latté said...

Omg, his dancing is THE BEST. sooooo cute! I loved Choke, and Moon, and ok... all of the movies of his. But Gentleman Broncos? My fave!

puregarden said...

Oh well, Nuno is really hottiee! i am inlove in every inches of his personality and musicality! oh well he's married and got 2 kids but then again happy bcoz he's still alive! =)