Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Plan, Stan!

I gots my new plan.

First, the numbers -

Calories in : 1200-1500 daily
Carbs in : 60-100 daily
Calories burned (by exercise) : 200 per day, 6 days a week. (800-1000 per week)

The calories burned are a tentative guess. I purchased a heart rate monitor yesterday, so as soon as it is delivered, I will figure out what my usual workouts burn and adjust accordingly.

Based on the generic calorie calculators, my body needs 2700 to maintain my current weight (which, I know is BS, since I've been eating 1500 for months and haven't lost!) But anyway, my plan will put me at a weekly deficit of 9,400-11,500 calories. (thats nuts) Which, if science actually applied to my body... would be 2.6-3.2lbs per week.

I know that all these numbers don't really mean a thing when it comes to practical application of weight loss. But... I like cold hard facts! ;-) And it keeps me motivated and hopeful.

I am excited to get my heart rate monitor, and I am excited to see if I can lose another 3lbs! :)

So, other diet rules -

1. Follow the math above
2. Log in all food, every day (including weekends! that is hard for me!)
3. Limit soda. Keep no soda in the house. Only order soda every other time when dining out.
4. No "empty carbs" Upping my carbs is great, but I still will not be eating sugar, pasta, rice, potatoes, etc. I strongly believe in "everything in moderation" but, I'd like to avoid all binge-triggers.
5. Water water water water water

4 refreshing comments:

Dina said...

Math doesn't apply to my weight loss either, it's maddening :)

Can't wait to hear how you like your heart rate monitor. I use the one on my elliptical and exercise bike like crazy while I'm on it because I love to see :)

Melissa said...

Your new plan rules rule :)

Daria said...

I know what you mean about the cal counts being BS. Calorie King says I should eat 1885 and my diatician says 1600, I've decided to go with 1700. It seems to be working. I'm not usually hungry at the end of the day. And I never could eat the 1885.

Lori said...

The math never works, at least not for me!
Good for you on laying it all out.